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By Miller, Greg

ISBN-10: 0226526151

ISBN-13: 9780226526157

ISBN-10: 1282426737

ISBN-13: 9781282426733

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And those who sacrifice to gods— The god of the spear, the god of the drum— Or to the hungry ancestors? Their teacher has been feeding them Tillich, Barthes, and Daly, Thomas and Luther. ) When Ignorance forded the river quickly To God, tinker Bunyan dispatched him To Hell by infernal elevator. When the people took Christ as their savior The drum before which some Left watches and little gifts Of thanksgiving was burned to ashes. “It was part of our heritage! ” Lost, too, the fleet spear that traveled From village to village.

He’s right. I won’t stand on my merit. ” He e-mails us all on 9/II Lincoln’s prayer (1863) when the blood of sons and fathers was shed for “national sins”: “Before the offended Power, to confess. . ” On the Sunday after, Philip’s our crucifer. Towering over us, he beams to lead the processional. One refugee says, “They followed us here. We brought this danger to you,” as if any guilt felt whatever its merit might answer powerlessness. COMMON WAYS Little Gidding, Cambridgeshire Near Saint John’s Church, a ridge, A Roman road, where people drove Cattle to Cambridge market, Pheasant roam the rows and roads.

How do I confess this last, worst, fear: your church sins, And I in it. I wear Cain’s mark and inherit Silence, damnation’s profit, and your old foe wins. O God, forbid it! Must Death’s laugh trump love’s brilliance, Rock of All Mirth, and the tomb swallow deliverance? EASTER Year’s pivot, new day, here the whole year swings Open forever through spring’s first full moon, Blood-stained posts, death’s angel, and night’s noon: Christ’s fire our door. Cut Isaac’s fastenings! Through the Red Sea, Egypt’s slavery, God brings His people home, so always now he will soon Flower in orchards, bear his new fruit, and prune The dead branches while risen Israel sings.

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Watch by Miller, Greg

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