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By Matt Forebeck

Bathed in moonlight, the ruins of a cursed citadel laid low with ghosts and goblins awaits. Are your faeries courageous adequate to cross its gates and discover the secrets and techniques within?

This spooky event for Faery's story comprises all of the information at the fortress and its eerie population, in addition to a advised storyline and lots of tips for the Narrator.

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Possessions: Masterwork studded leather, masterwork longsword, masterwork composite longbow (+2 Str bonus) with 20 arrows, potion of cure moderate wounds. SHIFTER SHAMAN Although still relatively low level, the shifter shaman described here makes an interesting encounter, especially when paired with some of the scouts and tribal warriors described above. The stat block is representative of the junior druids who roam the Eldeen Reaches in the service of either the moonspeakers or the Ashbound order of druids.

34 HISTORY AND FOLKLORE Recent shifter history has been shaped and tainted by the terrible zealotry of the Church of the Silver Flame. When the Church began its great crusade to rid the world of lycanthropy, it made little distinction between the rare and powerful true lycanthropes and their more civilized offshoots, the shifters. Although the shifters had long since become their own race, their ability to shift their forms, the trappings of their moon worship, and their relatively small numbers made them ideal targets of the Church’s zeal.

Shifters and members of the Church of the Silver Flame alike would rejoice in the recovery of Bennin’s remains, especially the silver claws from which Bennin eventually took his name. Travel to the Demon Wastes is a dangerous undertaking, however, and it is possible that remnants of the ancient lycanthropic cult still linger in the area. LANGUAGE Although shifters tend to share the language and idiom of the dominant race in the region they inhabit, a few phrases are more prevalent among shifters than among other races.

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