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Six adventure-packed towns of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings come alive during this lavishly illustrated guidebook. Perched on a razor's fringe of event, the towns during this booklet make first-class settings for Pathfinder campaigns, and the wealth of aspect and concepts for city adventuring make the e-book an incredible pick-up for all fable avid gamers. towns of Golarion highlights the next fascinating locales: Cassomir - glowing Capital of Humanity's Oldest Empire; Corentyn - urban among Seas; Ilizmagorti - Island Jungle urban of Outcasts and Assassins; Nisroch - urban of Shadows; Vigil - final Bastion opposed to the Orc Hordes; and Whitethrone - Frozen urban of the Witch Queen. each one urban gets a gorgeous full-page map, an ancient and cultural evaluate, information on very important characters and destinations in the neighborhood, neighborhood come across tables, and designated principles to assist avid gamers and online game Masters flesh out the nation-states for his or her personal campaigns.

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The city enforces a strict quarantine upon peasants, commoners, and foreigners, none of whom are permitted within the Spires without official accompaniment. Individuals operating on behalf of noble patrons (such as merchants, barristers, and the like) aren’t bound by these restrictions, but they too may be stopped for questioning. All servants must carry a writ of patronage to prove their affiliations to authorities; anyone caught without a writ faces a trip to the Pillars, where he endures the hazards of public trial.

The name “Ximena” is painted on the prow in blood. The pirates are suspicious and think the Red Mantis killed all on board. Is the ship haunted, or is its presence a sign of something stranger? Map the Island: Absalom’s assassins’ guild, the Guild of Wonders, seeks a foothold in Ilizmagorti and wants information to better compete with the Red Mantis. Through intermediaries, they hire the PCs to map Mediogalti Island, and if possible determine the exact location of the Crimson Citadel. The PCs venture into the dangerous jungles outside Ilizmagorti, fighting through territorial kobold tribes and other jungle denizens as they search for the headquarters of the Red Mantis.

While these folk do not hold the prestige of the nobility, the importance of services allots them rights denied to most other commoners. Despite a modicum of privilege, they reek of their work, have no place in polite society, and largely keep to themselves. The Glut and Gallows: Perhaps the most notorious tavern in all of Portside is the Glut and Gallows. A raucous, briny pub frequented largely by pirates, here rum f lows freely and bloody knife fights serve as nightly entertainment. Appearances aside, the Glut remains a foreigner’s best bet for hiring a ship captain that would even consider smuggling goods in or out of Nisroch.

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