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By John A. Bryant, Linda Baggott la Velle, John F. Searle

ISBN-10: 0471495328

ISBN-13: 9780471495321

Еще одна книга по проблеме этики в биологических и медицинских исследованиях. Одно из лучших руководств в своей области. Жаль, что на английском - книг такого же научного уровня по биоэтике в России нет.

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Greenpeace, London, USA. Warnock, M. (1985) A Question of Life: the Warnock Report on Human Fertilisation and Embryology. Blackwell, Oxford, UK. Wildavsky, A. (1995) But is it True? Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, USA. Wilkie, T. (1993) Perilous Knowledge. Faber, London, UK. Ziman, J. (1968) Public Knowledge. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 1 INTRODUCTION What value does the non-human world have? There are straightforward commercial answers in respect of farmland, planted forests, and fishing-streams, but the answers are much more complex in respect of public parks, uncultivated land, waterways, and indeed the air itself.

As they inexorably engender new powers, so they engender vastly increased amounts of regulation and bureaucracy. And ‘public opposition’ to science and technology only serves to encourage this development; since its major effect, in practice, is to encourage pressured politicians to extend bureaucratic control ever further, even into the inner realms of science and technology themselves. There is the danger of death by administration whichever road we go down in the future, and the moral and ethical issues lying latent here need to be recognised as amongst the most profound of all those raised by ¹⁶ This literature represents a wholesale lapse from ethical proprieties.

That in itself would seem to argue strongly for the intrinsic value of all non-human entities. However, in a profoundly influential article written in 1967 Lynn White Jr. called Christianity ‘the most anthropocentric religion the world has seen’ (White, 1967). White was one of the first to link environmental degradation to religious convictions, and he did so citing Genesis Chapter 1, verse 26, the divine command to the first humans to ‘dominate the earth and subdue it’. White linked this to Christianity’s role in fostering the development of modern science³, and the technology that stemmed from it.

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