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By W. John Campbell

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Those are the 'Cliff Notes' on Aristophanes' Comedies. Lysistrata, The Birds, The Clouds, and The Frogs. Aristophanes's performs have been comedies, satires, and politically charged. Lysistrata might be his most renowned, facing the ability of intercourse and warfare in a society the place girls have keep an eye on.

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He arrayed them in a dazzling display of human dispositions. Aristophanes also resurrected the phallic element of the old fertility rites. He padded his most caricatured "characters"their bellies ballooned, their beards were long and hoary, and their noses and sexual organs were immense. He had the characters speaking not in the measured, melodious, ominous cadences of the tragedies, but in the language of common men, including the most popular obscenities of the day. We can see how the early Athenian artists represented these early comedies on the sides of the old, broken remains of Greek pottery and vases.

Even though the women have sat silent for years and listened to all the absurd arguments in favor of war, they can no longer tolerate such blatant stupidity. When Lysistrata orders the Magistrate to keep quiet and listen to her plan, he refuses to listen to a woman so long as he is wearing the clothes of a man. Thereupon, the women tie him up and dress him like a woman. " Lysistrata explains how to end wars by using the analogy of running the affairs of the state in the same manner as housewives handle a ball of wool.

The mighty enemy of the Persian Empire was a continual threat to Athens' peace, and young Aeschylus gained a place in history as a valiant warrior/soldier long before he attained fame as a dramatist. His name is linked forever with the crucial Battle of Marathon, and his early poetry is filled with an abundance of allusions to the painful hardships and miseries of war. When Aeschylus finally began writing dramas, he was middle-aged, but his genius was recognized almost immediately. He wrote Page 6 over eighty known plays, and at least thirteen times during his lifetime he won first prize in the Athens' drama festivals.

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