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By Bill Lavender

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Another South is an anthology of poetry from modern southern writers who're operating in kinds which are radical, cutting edge, and visionary. hugely experimental and hard in nature, the poetry during this quantity, with its syntactical disjunctions, formal revolutions, and typographic playfulness, represents the path of a brand new breed of southern writing that's instantaneously common in its allure and nearby in its flavor.

Focusing on poets at present dwelling within the South, the anthology comprises either rising and tested voices within the nationwide and overseas literary global. From the invocations of Andy Young's "Vodou Headwashing rite" to the blues-informed poems of Lorenzo Thomas and Honorée Jeffers, from the various voicings of )ohn Lowther and Kalamu ya Salaam to the visible, multi-genre paintings of Jake Berry, David Thomas Roberts, and Bob Grumman, the poetry in Another South is wealthy in style and enthusiastic in its explorations of latest how you can embrace position and time. those writers have made the South lush with a poetic avant-garde all its personal, not just redefining southern identification and voice but in addition supplying new versions of what's attainable universally in the course of the medium of poetry.

Hank Lazer's introductory essay approximately "Kudzu textuality" contextualizes the paintings via those modern innovators. just like the uncontrollable runaway vine that entwines the southern panorama, their poems are hyperfertile, stretching their roots and shoots relentlessly, instantaneously harmful and regenerative. In creating a radical departure from nostalgic southern literary voices, those poems of polyvocal abundance are nearer in spirit to "speaking in tongues" or apocalyptic southern people art—primitive, incredible, and mystic.

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