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During this spouse quantity to ]i]Singing the physique of God[/i] (Oxford 2002), Steven P. Hopkins has translated into modern American English verse poems written by means of the South Indian Srivaisnava thinker and saint-poet Venkatesa (c. 1268-1369).

These poems, in 3 varied languages - Sanskrit, Tamil, and Maharastri Prakrit -- composed for one specific Hindu god, Vishnu Devanayaka, the "Lord of Gods" at Tiruvahindrapuram, shape a microcosm of the saint-poet's paintings.

They surround significant topics of Venkatesa's devotional poetics, from the play of divine absence and presence on this planet of non secular feelings; the "telescoping" of time earlier and destiny within the everlasting "present" of the poem; love, human vulnerability and the impassible perfected physique of god; to the devotional adventure of a "beauty that saves" and to what Hopkins phrases the paradoxical coexistence of asymmetry and intimacy of lover and loved on the middle of the divine-human stumble upon.

Moreover, those poems shape not just a thematic microcosm, yet a linguistic one embracing all 3 of the poet's operating languages. just like the remembered global of Proust's Combray within the style of madeleine dipped in tea, or Blake's global in a Grain of Sand, we flavor and notice, during this one specific position, and during this one specific type of Vishnu, a number of protean varieties and powers of the divine, and hint a veritable summa of theological, philosophical, and literary designs.

Each translated poem varieties a bankruptcy in itself, has its personal person brief Afterword, in addition to targeted linguistic and thematic notes and statement. the amount concludes, for comparative purposes, with a translation of Tirumankaiyalvar's luminous cycle of verses for Devanayaka from the Periyatirumoli.

As a lot a controversy as an anthology, this ebook could be of curiosity to scholars and students of South Asian reviews, comparative faith, and Indian literatures.

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Introduction 15 Poems for the Lord of Gods: Devanayaka’s Shrine as Microcosm My earlier study, Singing the Body of God, focused its textual analyses on Vexkatesa’s praise-poems to three iconic forms of Vishnu, murtis or arca¯vata¯ras: the _ ˜ cı¯shrine and icons of Varadarajaperumal in the northern temple town of Kan _ puram; those of Lord Devanayaka at the small village of Tiruvahı¯ndrapuram near the southeastern coastal town of Cuddalore (Katalur); and finally, the shrine _ and icons of Lord Raxganatha at Srı¯raxgam, a temple complex that became, by the tenth century, the most important southern center of power in Vexkatesa’s _ community.

Difference and even a certain incongruity in translation need hardly be betrayal (alone), but is, potentially—as an act of beholding that preserves the ongoing particularity of the original while creating something new in the receiving language, most loyal and, strangely perhaps, most loving. Meaning-content of the work translated can be enhanced by the very motion of linguistic transfer, however free or literal, and each (potential) return to the original is made richer by contact with other tongues in the charged fields of its translations.

E. there occurred in south India what A. K. 11 This by no means marks the beginnings Vaisnava A of Indian bhakti  __ per se. 13 What Ramanujan refers to, however, as a ‘‘shift’’ in the south _ during the Pallava and Pandiya dynasties meant bhakti with an ideological __ difference. Both god and devotee were made to speak in a distinctly new idiom, and with a Tamil accent. This shift in the poetics of devotion offered an alternative form of sacredness to the dominant one shaped by Jains and Buddhists before the seventh century.

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