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By Robert Godel

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The writer is especially attracted to comparative and ancient learn on Armenian as an Indo-European language. This "Introduction" includes elements. the 1st one describes the phonological and morphological approach of Classical Armenian with the aim of surroundings off its attribute beneficial properties, now not of residing on such information as are available in any reliable grammar booklet. the second one half is comparative and old. in addition to the easiest ascertained proof, it contains disscussions on arguable matters, in addition to a few new insights in histroical morphology.

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I have purposely omitted the so-called present participle in -ol, -awl, inflected after the normal -a- paradigm, though Jensen(§ 267) and Mann (1968, p. 138-139) put it on a level with the participle in -eal. g. g. lin-eal 'built, having built'). This concept ion is rooted in Armenian tradition. , indeed, the pres. participle in -oy (< -ol, -awl) is an integral part of the verb system. The Armenian grammarians, therefore, do not hesitate to assign the same function to its classical antecedent (Abrahamyan, §§ 275-278).

Stuac-oy clmart-e). 11. N. Acc. L. G. D. Ahl. I. The case system es 'I' • Z-18 • y-1s . im • • lnJ • y-1nen . g. : du 'thou' Z·- k'ez i k'ez k'o k'ez i k'en k'ew na 'he, she' z-na • inma nora nma • i nmane novaw nok'a 'they' z-nosa . I nosa noc'a noc'a i noc'ane nok'awk'. 111. e. ; In this and the following chapters. CIArm, words and morphemes, as a rule, will be quoted in transliterated form. ; noc'a GD. Yet, in view of the contrasting distribution of the case forms in na, nok'a, the existence of a seven case system can hardly be denied.

15. 151. 33 Morphology Nouns with an -n stem in the pl. only k'ar 'stone' (III) k'ar-i k'ar-iw erec' 'elder, priest' (IV) • • er1c -u GDL. I. GDL. pl. 142 d) J pl. 142 c) Likewise: pafaw 'old woman'. Adjectives : GDL. Ahl. · canr 'heavy'; barjr 'high' (IV) can-u barj~u can-ue barj-ue 22 pl. 142 c) Like canr are inflected : manr 'small'; p'ok'r 'little'; k'alc'r ' sweet', etc. (Meillet, 1913, § 5lc; J ensen, § 147). At first sight, adjectives in -Cr (canr, p'ok'r) stand in contrast to nouns (ezr, d'U8tr, alewr), the adjectives losing -r in all inflected forms, while the nouns preserve it througho~t : canr ezr GDL.

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