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Alien Plot: a guy of our global is shipped around the limitations of an alien measurement. His activity is to infiltrate the local culture--But as soon as there he discovers that an alien plot of flooring can turn into home.This brand-new tale leads off a set of 16 stories via Piers Anthony--including 11 tales released the following for the 1st time in paperback!Also integrated is an interesting essay on writers and writing, written with perception, and revealing many features of Anthony's remarkable career.Each tale in Alien Plot has an all-new creation by way of Piers Anthony.

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It was incense, he realized. She began to dance. Van watched, wishing for a way out of this. If he could spot his clothing, he could get it while she was distracted by her dancing. She moved well, making intricate little steps. As she moved, she unbound her hair, and it dropped to her shoulders and then below them, swirling about her head. Van had never understood what was supposed to be so sexy about undone hair, but had to admit that this was doing something for her. The lines of her face softened and her eyes seemed larger.

We have everything on tape: every conversation, every bodily function, every sexual encounter. The idea is that by watching this community, we may learn how the aliens think. " Trust the military mind to care nothing about any of the other culture; all it wanted was to nullify a weapon, so the conquest could proceed. And how much of a thrill were the voyeurs getting, watching the villagers have sex? Meanwhile, the woman had finished the job of dressing him. All that remained was the shoes, which turned out to be soft green slippers with pointed toes that tapered into lengths of cord which flopped as he moved his feet.

He charged, his blade swinging at the left head. The dog dodged aside, spun, and leaped at Van from the left. Van's blade swung quickly back to intercept the creature's body as he ducked down. But the body dodged in air, avoiding the cut. It was magic, again. This creature was more formidable than he had thought. Maybe it was unkillable. But he was in this fight, and he had to finish it. Van stalked the monster, stabbing repeatedly at the heads, first one, then the other, and swinging at both when he had the chance.

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