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By Francis Bebey, Josephine Bennett

ISBN-10: 1613746598

ISBN-13: 9781613746592

Enticing and enlightening, this advisor explores African music's kinds, musicians, tools, and position within the lifetime of the folk. A discography categorised via state, subject matter, workforce, and device can also be included.

Original version: 1969
English translation: 1975, Josephine Bennett

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Conti Rossini, 'Note di agiografia etiopica, Abiya-Egzi', 'Arkaledes e Gabra Iyasus', Rivista degli studi orientali, 17 (1938), 446. 14 See Arye Oded, 'The Bayudaya of Uganda', JRA 6 (1974), 16786; also the odd Italian example of a village converting to Judaism, without apparently knowing that there were still any Jews in the world, E. Cassin, San Nicandro (Paris, 1957). Page 15 If such a development could almost have been accidental, it is more likely that it depended too on conscious choice. If the early Ethiopian Church carried an especially heavy Judaic element, it is very understandable that this element wouldas in Egyptcome later under attack from a more 'Christianizing' viewpoint but, equally, that it should in such circumstances be adhered to at whatever cost by others.

Thus, the name of the province I have called Shoa (following the Cambridge History of Africa) is also written in recent English works as Säwa, Shäwa, Shawa *, and Shewa. I have followed modern standard practice in not anglicizing the names of Ethiopian kings: Galawdewos not Claudius. I have used Kongo when referring to the ancient kingdom but Congo for the far larger Belgian colony, now the independent state of Zaïre, as also the French colony which has, in independence, retained the name of Congo.

Africa in 1500 and Its Christian Past 46 i. Society, States, Statelessness, and Religion 46 ii. African Islam 54 iii. The Christian Past of North Africa and Survival in Egypt 62 iv. Nubia 67 3. The Kongo, Warri, Mutapa, and the Portuguese 71 The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries 71 i. Portugal Overseas 71 ii. Kongo and Its Initial Evangelization 73 iii. Benin and Mutapa 77 iv. Kongolese Catholicism under Afonso I and His Immediate Successors 79 The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries 87 v. The Diocese of São Salvador and the Jesuits 87 vi.

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