Marion Woodman's Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride: A PDF

By Marion Woodman

ISBN-10: 0919123112

ISBN-13: 9780919123113

Dependancy to Perfection
via Marion Woodman
Through case experiences, goals, and myths, a Jungian analyst explores the hidden motives of compulsion within the lives of fellows and ladies. on the root of consuming problems, substance abuse, and different addictive and compulsive behaviors, Woodman sees a starvation for religious achievement. the necessity to event a sacred connection to an power more than their very own drives humans to go looking for an illusory excellent of perfection. via discussions of parenthood, creativity, and physique photograph, this presentation exhibits that freedom from habit are available via gaining knowledge of the knowledge and gear of the female precept. Shambhala Lion Editions

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The Page 44 mother had always admonished her not to break it when she dried the dishes, and only her own feelings about the cup prevented her from breaking it out of spite.  Her female heritage, which her own mother had not been able to give her because she herself could not receive it, is restored in the dream through the archetypal image of the cup — as in the Grail legend — from which she drinks.  The stag, which in legend renews itself by eating a snake, is a symbol of the integration of the instincts, that is, human nature does not rise above animal nature but assimilates it as an integral part of itself.

The great danger in solitary rituals is that the ego becomes identified with the positive or negative side of the god.  The ritual does not work, because it perpetuates the alcoholic father who could not face life and the disembodied mother cut off from her own feminine instincts.  Her priorities, given her food complex, are of an entirely different order.  The ego can only become strong enough for the ritual to hold if the god can be grounded in a life process from which the food addiction is cutting it off.


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