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A xvi 321-322. m, 8. The host of irreversible Bodhisattvas. w. 38-5 The host of irreversible Bodhisattvas (consists of Bo sattvas who) proceed successively 1. on the Aids tration, 2. on the path of vision, 3. on the path of meditational development. IV (I. p 377 a 1. The marks of irreversibility in general. A xvii 323. m, 8,1. The marks of irreversibility on the 2 ~ ~ofe lthe Ai to Penetration. (vv. 39-45). The marks of the irreversibility of him who stands 0 the Aids to Penetration are said t o be nvmty, by wa of the tokens which begin with the turning away fro the skandhas.

Upright; 1 Abhisamaylla~iklra 18. his limbs are well-rounded, 19. smooth, 20. slenr, 21. clean, 22. soft, and 23. pure; 24. his genitals are fully developed; 25. his knee-orbs are large and beautiful; 26. he walks a t an even pace; 27. his eyes are pure; 28. his body is (fresh and delicate) like that of a beautiful youth, 29. unimpaired (by any defect), 30. with prominences, 31. firm and solid; 32. his limbs are well-proportioned; 33. the pure light (which emanates from his body) ispels the darkness; 34.

P 412 a 3. A 380. He has a perception of the wondeiworking powers of a Buddha. P 412 a 7. A 381. He aspires to demonstrate the fact that (all) dlaarmas are similar t o a dream. P 412 a 9. A 381. He is determined that his own Buddha-field sl~ould contain none of the states of woe. P 412 b 3. A 381. 110 succes8fdly appeases a conflagra~ion in a city (or village) by the sustaining power of the tmtLful affirmation (of t11r fact t l m ~he pocaruses tllr attributes of a n irreversible Hodbisattva). A 382.

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