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This dictionary has been the manufactured from collaborative paintings with a few audio system of the language of South Efate, valuable Vanuatu. it's a part of an ongoing undertaking that incorporates the recording of news within the language, a variety from that is produced as 'Natrauswen nig Efat.'

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Nasieg n. lai) as a pubic covering. Men traditionally wore a nafon. lai. nasiin n. bushfire. nasin 1 Also: nas. n_inposs. jaw, chin. nasim ni entan. my lower jaw. nasin 2 n_inposs. 1) shit. 2) smell, unpleasant smell. See: ntaen. nasinren Also: nasinr. n_inposs. shit, runny shit. See: ntae. nasir n. descendants, your children and theirs and their children's children. nasitafra n. rock, like pumice (lit: whale shit). See: faatsal; naf. nasnaki n. fibre dye, dye for pandanus leaves. nasokon n_inposs.

Malnen kupreg kapu nkap ina imrer go kupan, go kupo nrak. When you make laplap the fire dies down and you can roast vegetables, then take out the stones. mro vintr. think. Kuto mro ki nafte? What are you thinking about? See: mroperkati. Also: mromromro. mroperkat vintr. imagine, remember. See: mro. mropir vambi. dislike. Amroprik. I don't like you. mroput vintr. worry, be troubled, South Efate Dictionary mtalu feel burdened. Amroput top selwan anrog kumsak. I worry when I hear you are sick. mrotae vambi.

One of the clans (naflak). Food eaten after cyclone has damaged all other food. Two kinds, red and white. The red one has no leaves and produces a bad smelling flower. nam! l ak n. dregs, small amount of drink left in a glass. nam! l alop n. bamboo species. See: lop. namlas n. bush. See: namlaskos. namlaskos n. jungle. See: namlas. nam! l at n. tree, Devil nettle. Note: stinging nettle tree. Dendrocnide latifolia. Syn: gkar. nam! l en 1 n_inposs. tail (of fish). See: napu 'animal's tail'. nam! el.

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