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I Hepresented / didnl presenttl'e b,rsiness Plan. 2 Be tolkedobout/ didn\ talk aboutlhe costof materials. lss suppliers withlMiguel. 4 He visited/ didn\ visitthe factory. 5 He lookedat / didn't/ookot the new production line. 88 Listenand checkyouÍanswers. es. ) Page101,Exercise3. ed) IpÍesented the businessp|anlastWeek. 90 ppoNUNCta or{ Listenand repea. th€ s e veÍbs in the past simpte. How do we say th€ 'ed ending? scussed woíked stayed staÍted finished travelled Questians(did + subiect + innniúve) oid you recc|vemy email yesteÍday?

OR He'snot makinga phonecall. ren\ woídngtoday. OR We'íenotwolkingtoday. BothÍons of thenegativeare in @mnon use. (WháÍs= Whatís) WhataÉyou doltlg? 15he hav|nga méeting? AÍ€ theyworklÍton the proiect? 70 Llstento the telephone conveEations. what are théPeoptedo|ng? es. /'9? 1 2 3 4 5 6 I'mhavinga meeting. What'sshe doing? she isn'twoÍking today' on the project' Weteall WoÍking AÍetheyhavinglunchnow? Whataíeyou doing? ' Page 99, Exercise4. 1 2 3 4 5 ó Steve's Olivia's Colin's Nadia's Paolo's sylvia's lnvnn Ltrlr pÍáctic€17.

No,l'mbusyon thetenth, I can/cant makelt at theendof lune. I'mfreeat thebeginning of lull I'mbusyin themiddleof July. Whataboutthe firstweekin August? ín Tuesday )uly gth (dates) Maích (manrhs) at summer(Seosonsl t h e m i d d l eo f . . á 79 Listen to Gary lipton talking to a Coll€ a gue abouthi5 plans for a busin€ s s trip. Filtin the gaps in his diaÍy. 3Tp,t1 l|LLriri (p,r1\ Tra,n (Eurt:tat\ ta ) HÖt L| a';TG)' //' R€ a d GáÍy'sdiary again and answer the questions. 1 ls GaryleavingLA on TLrcsday?

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