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I]A better half to Greek Mythology[/i] provides a chain of essays that discover the phenomenon of Greek fable from its origins in shared Indo-European tale styles and the Greeks' contacts with their japanese Mediterranean neighbours via its improvement as a shared language and thought-system for the Greco-Roman world.

• gains essays from a prestigious foreign group of literary experts
• comprises assurance of Greek myth's intersection with background, philosophy and religion
• Introduces readers to issues in mythology which are frequently inaccessible to non-specialists
• Addresses the Hellenistic and Roman sessions in addition to Archaic and Classical Greece

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Anger be now your tune, immortal one,
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23) constitute ideology, male ideology at that, not historical testimonial (Dowden 1997). That is not to say, however, that these myths cannot speak to our own times: Euripides’ Trojan Women can tell us through the power of myth about Iraq or Afghanistan; Amazons can speak archetypally to those concerned with women’s proper place in twenty-first century society – the fact the myth did not mean that to ancient Greeks does not imply that it is illegitimate in a different society to hear a different voice; and issues of race and the relative role of cultures supreme in European education compared with the worlds that Europe has exploited are worth new consideration provided we do not lose our critical instincts.

First is the use of myth as an allusive poetic shorthand, making it possible to communicate and evoke a great deal in very few words; this role of myth is increasingly important as the classical literary tradition travels and mutates from Greece to Rome and beyond. Second is the role of myth as a rhetorically powerful virtual world, like and yet unlike reality, and highly charged (with authority, glamour, beauty, and emotive force), in such a way that intense effects may be achieving by linking the two.

West (2007: 15, quoting Calvert Watkins)). For discussion of myth in earlier Greek lyric see, for example, Nagy (2007) and chapters in Parts One and Two of Budelmann (2009). 7. Myth, and Homeric myth in particular, was clearly an important ingredient in the works of the early comic playwright Epicharmos (active in the Syracuse in Sicily in the early fifth century BC), who wrote plays with titles like Odysseus the Deserter, Kyklops, and Sirens, as well as a Prometheus or Pyrrha. Sadly, only meagre fragments of his works survive.

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