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By Ankur Mitra

ISBN-10: 8170119413

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All that luxury and the old man was turning into a skinflint! Thrice this month he had refused to give him more than fifty rupees when usually he just handed over his purse to Hemant to help himself! What could he do with fifty rupees? He had promised the gang a treat at the movies. He looked at his watch. Just another half-hour before the booking opened and no way to put together the cash for five tickets. What should he do? Suddenly, a fragment of his mother's conversation with a friend ran across his mind.

Papa, as you may have guessed by now, is no businessman. His first love is, of all things, the ancient world. He was an Archaeology student and had no interest in the family industry that was left to him to manage. After a couple of years, he was happy to let Ma take over and he returned to the study of old ruins. Ma and Papa make a fine pair. He admires her business-sense and her wit, and she marvels at the way he can unravel the masteries of the past by studying some old pots, bricks and stones.

He had a sinking sensation in his stomach.

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